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I could feel it start to boil in my core. My fire. Smoke fanned into my lungs, bellowing up and out of my nostrils, making clouds when I opened my maw. The full moon reflected light off my ebony scales, catching my golden eyes, making the pupils become thin slits. Stalking my prey through the thick brush of the forest, I knew flashes of indigo showed through when the light hit just at my underbelly, the lighter scales curling up my ribs slightly.
Said prey was a young vampire. Short, dark hair that hung in bright, almost absinthe in color, eyes. His pupils were blown wide in from the amount of darkness he had under a weeping willow. His skin gave him away, pale enough to reflect the moon like a mirror. He was gorgeous.
I raised up on my hind legs, talons flexing, shoulders rolling, making all 13 feet of my wingspan stretch, the webbing making my underbelly. I roared, more smoke bellowing from my throat, curling around him, white like steam. The scent was oddly sweet for being from inner flames. Thudding back on the ground, I charged the vampire, head down, large goat-like horns catching in the light of the Goddess. The attack was cut short when arms wrapped around my neck, making me fall back with reverse force, crashing into brush under the willow.
"You know, you aren't that terrifying as you think you are, Kirk." The vampire smiled, kissing my snout with cold lips, fanning away the white smoke still leaving me with a pale hand. I huffed under him, making more smoke rise, also making the vampire frown.
"And you're not even remotely scary, Kyle." Here he was, an Adonis, with the sweetest voice on earth, talking to someone you could barely understand through his thick southern drawl. His name sounded more like kyyyyyyyyaaaaal coming from me lips than anything even remotely close. He pouted and hit me in the chest, hurting himself more than me, fangs pressing into a very plumb bottom lip.
"You're so mean to me." He smiled again, a small dimple forming on the right side of that breathtaking smile, and he got off me. I missed the cold body pressed up against me, seeing as it was summer in the hottest place known to man and even the nights were muggy and atrocious. I got up, shaking from snout to tail, making my scales lay back in their proper place, trying to remember how to make my wings lay flat. Kyle climbed on while I was having difficulties and bent them into place, the strong tendons and bone holding him onto my back. "No flying."
I looked over my shoulder and pouted at him but he just grabbed my horns and turned my head, laughing. God had to have had woven this man on my back, he was absolutely perfect. I carried him out of the nature reserve where we'd spend time when he was having a bad day. Back to the primal way of just being, lost in the trails, only the Goddess' light to guide us. It was the perfect stress relief when he had to be home before curfew.
We'd been together for almost a year and a half. His parents still didn't know and we didn't plan on ever telling them. For one, being gay was highly frowned upon even though vampires couldn't technically have children. And the fact that I was older and a shifter just made everything so much worse. We'd been friends for years before I even developed feelings for him. I had always been jealous of him though. He was this prefect specimen of man and I was just a hick that was too scrawny for their own good. The freak in class because I'm the only Dragon in the tristate area.
"Do you want to stay the night? My sister's staying with a friend, you can sneak in her window." He was low laying on my, bent at the waist, arms around my neck, chest pressed against my scales. Black ripped skinny jeans tickled my underbelly, as did his black Van covered feet, my equally black hoodie smelling strongly of him now still letting his cool chest cool me down. I really wanted to pin him to the ground.
"And tell them what in the morning when they come to wake you up? I fell naked into your bed?" That is literally what would happen until he got tired of staring at my tan chest and made me get dressed. Normally it took me getting to cold and needing a shirt to ever get anything done. Even then he'd pout until I changed into something more reveling.
"Or that someone stole the clothes off the car and you really don't have anywhere else to stay.." That was also true. As of yesterday night, I no longer have a home. I got kicked out for being stressed. It was a great fight. I got a black eye and they called the cops before I could retaliate. I slept in the school parking lot.
"Or I can go break into the school and sleep in the Ag shop. It's warm enough." He flicked my jaw, sitting up.
"You most certainly are not breaking into the school, Kirk. They would understand." I stopped short of the tree line breaking off into the parking lot, his red and black muscle car sitting alone on the asphalt.
"They would skin my and mount my head above the mantle they'd make with my bones before they'd ever understand." This was a long standing fight between us. Whether we should risk it and come out of hiding, thinking they'd understand, or just go with the gut feeling that they'd send me away for good.
"Kirk..just for tonight okay? Then you can break into the school all you want." I looked back at him, meeting absinthe eyes that looked so hopeful I couldn't disagree. I nodded and he grinned, kissing my snout again, kicking my ribs like I was a horse. "Off my noble steed!"
I glared at him and reared up, making him fall off onto his ass, blowing smoke in his face. He just laughed and got up, walking to his baby. I swear he loved his present more than me sometimes. I'd even go as far as to bet money that he sleeps with it he loves it so much. I followed him, staring at the trunk where my black wife beater, blue jeans, and boots were. Only the boots were left.
"Who the fuck steals everything but the $500 shoes?!!" I just glared at the offending shoes like they'd answer me and Kyle laughed, pulling the hoodie off, throwing it at me. It landed on my left horn.
"Shift and at least put that on. You can get pants at home." He got into the old hotrod, turning it on to cool it off before I could get in and complain about being sleepy. Imagine Dragons thrummed through his speakers. Ironic.
Shifting from beast to human was always quicker than human to beast. Nothing had to grow, it just shrank. Scales slipped back under 4 layers of skin, wings almost melted back into my back, horns shrunk back down into my temples, tail became lumbar and vertebrae. It was ugly to watch but it was quick and easy. Turning human to beast was painful and for lack of a better word, horrific.
I pulled the hoodie on, chunked the boots into the back and crawled into the passenger seat, listening to the heavy drum and the lyrics. It was very easy to let the monster win. "Nice legs."
I saw a pale hand on the tan flesh of my thigh and bite my lip, looking out the window. No matter how much I tugged at the fabric it wouldn't go past my knees unless I pulled them to my chest and I was 20 damnit, I wasn't doing that.
The ride out of the reserve back to the city was long and filled with songs about being strong, about love, typical things. Things not many people would think would be a daily battle for others. People tended to be selfish in nature, regardless of who they are or their back ground. Except Cinderella. She is a saint.
Kyle was a big city man in a small town. Not even those small, everyone knows their neighbor, community towns. Our town was small in no one knew each other but there was nothing to do but spend money. There were hardly any parks, no downtown, and anything to do for free meant being in the heat or looking at things you want and cant afford. He didn't fit in this tiny, nothing of a town. He belonged in a huge town, where he could grow, be himself. Really be himself.
"Earth to Kirkleton. What's going on in that pretty head of yours to miss your favorite song?" I glanced over at him, streetlights shinning in his eyes every few seconds, highlighting all of his best features like his strong jaw and button nose. His long eyelashes and his very plump, very kissable bottom lip.
"Just thinking about you, like normal." I smiled back even though I knew mine couldn't hold a candle to his sun of a smile. He said I was amazing, I was beautiful, but I still don't believe him. I don't think I ever will.
"Aw, now you're being sweet. What do you want?" He was laughing, in a great mood now. It made me happy that he was happy now.
"Oh, just your eternal soul, nothing huge." I smiled while he laughed, turning the music down so he could hear me easier.
"If I hadn't already sold it you could have it." Love the Way You Lie came over his speakers and I tensed up. He just grinned, turning it up. "You know you want to, kirk."
Nope. I just mouthed the words. Hick plus rap was never a good thing. He just laughed and put his hand back on my thigh when he didn't have to shift gears. Bastard was either going to break the car or drive me insane before we ever got to his house.
5 songs later we pulled into his rock driveway behind 7 other vehicles. Looks like they decided to have a party. Which  meant people. A lot of people. And I still didn't have any pants. "I'm not going in there."
He frowned, turning the car off, almost glaring at the house. "I'll bring you some out don't get all uppity." He leaned over and kissed me in the dark car, lips soft and so inviting. He laughed and jumped out of the car, making me fall forward into his seat, also making the hoodie come up over my bare ass. "Nice view."
"Take a picture, it'll last longer." My eyes widened when his flash went off and before I could eat him he ran up to the cottage like house. I sat back in my seat, feeling heat rise to my cheeks, smoke building up again. It really sucked being a dragon. You either got literal heart burn or you just produced a shit ton on smoke on your own. At least it smelled good so people just thought I had a lot of incense in the house. I mean, Kyle did, it made my nose itch.
His house was all white wood, leaning this way, dipping that way, uneven as hell. Made it fun to fool around on the floor though. Rolling around was a lot easier. Back to the house. It had windows on every side of the building, Kyle have 3, all nailed and glued shut. All the needed were silver bars and it'd be complete. The great thing about Kyle being a vampire, technically half until he turns 18, was he was as pale as paper, but his skin didn't sizzle in the sun. He got severe sunburns but that was about as wild as it got with him. That and he had to sneak blood into his food so he could eat.
He came back out, jeans flailing behind him as he came back to the car, jumping in. "They're all passed out, by the way, you can come in. Pants are optional." He smiled when I ripped the denim from him, wiggling into a pair of skinny's. Reaching in the back I reached for my boots and he hugged my midriff.
"You know, I really don't want to have to step over your family. They could wake up and eat me." I got out of the car with him anyway, walking up to his sloping porch. He just took my hand and led me to his room on the other side of the house. We did have to step over sleeping vampires and other demons alike. It was like walking through a mine field.
He shut his door quietly, turning on a lamp, smiling at me. His fangs caught in the light and made him look feral. "You can take your pants off again. Or we can just go to sleep, seeing as it is 3 a.m. now." I just sat on his twin bed, pulling him closer by his hips, smiling up at him.
"Or you can take your pants and I can take some more stress away from you." I rubbed his hips, looping fingers through his belt loops. He bit his lip above me, looking down through his lashes, eyes blazing.
"Or we can not because you're loud enough to shake the entire house." I frowned and let go of him, sighing pitifully.
"I wasn't even going to do that man. I just wanted to make you feel better." He sat down beside me, making me lay down and cuddle him. I held him to my chest happily, rubbing his cool back.
"I know but then I'd feel bad and have to return the favor." He smiled against the hoodie, pushing the bottom up, rubbing my stomach. It wasn't muscled, it was flat half the time, and I hated it. He liked playing with the dark trail leaving my navel for some reason.
"It's fine. We have 3 hours until school starts and some sleep is better than no sleep Mr. Nocturnal." He smiled, kissing my neck, hugging me again. His room was small, his bed could barely fit us unless we were clinging to each other, which was only a problem in the summer when I was as hot inside as it was outside. Poor kid didn't even have a fan in his room. The walls were a mix of what you'd think was beige and grey. It was a nasty color. Everything else was either black or red and it fit him slightly better.
He was out relatively quick but I couldn't sleep just yet. Every time I came over here I got caught up in the sounds that were his house. The air trying and failing to work. His tiny mutt of a dog clicking on the wood. The house itself creaking and groaning, settling and swelling in the humidity. The squirrels in his roof and walls making a racket. It was peaceful. Quiet and peaceful. Plus the breathing on my neck was amazing. In and out, little puffs of hot and cold, he even twitched in his sleep. An arm or a leg every now and again meant he was out.
We woke up a few hours later, warm lips on my neck, fangs peaking out further in hunger. "I swear if you bite me where it's noticeable I will take the privilege away from you." He giggle, hugging my chest, laying his head on it.
"You know you don't care if I bite you and leave a huge mark. You like seeing your coworkers faces when you have holes in your neck from me." He kissed where previous holes were right under my jaw to prove his point. I shivered despite myself.
"Kyle, don't make yourself late for school." He groaned but got of the bed anyway, making a show of getting dressed in clean clothes. I propped up on my elbows so I could get a better view before he left the room. I stole a shirt and carried my boots back out to the car. There was no way in any universe I would ever wear boots and skinny jeans. It was just wrong.
I waited in the Roadrunner, laying the seat back to annoy him. It took him a while but eventually he was behind the wheel, the heater was on, and Motely Crew hummed over the fans. "Fix my baby or you can't borrow him."
I raised the seat, looking over at him, blue eyes almost gray with my hair. "Who said I needed to borrow the baby?" He just smiled, his little dimple popping adorably.
"Don't you want to get your stuff from your house? You're gonna need a vehicle and you gave your truck to Katey so she can visit you 'friend'." That was true. I did need his car. I also needed to break into my 'house'.
"Are you going to make me fill him up when I get done." He smiled wider and I just groaned. Of course he would. "Fine, but where am I supposed to take it? Katey lives in the dorms. And you don't want a bunch of clothes and books in the baby for months."
"My room obviously. Parentals will be gone on a vaca and the sibling is in school too. You have a key and you can get it done in less than 8 hours. Just be here to pick us back up." He pulled into his spot in student parking and cut the engine.  Turning to me, he pulled me close with a hand at the back of my neck, kissing me softly. "Okay?"
I nodded, sighing softly. Breaking into my house was not something I had planned on today. But before I could argue more he'd grabbed his bag and was waving, walking towards the brick hell he called a school. I just groaned louder, crawling into the drivers seat, starting him back up, and left student parking.
In short, I had to break a window and crawl in that way, took what was nessacary, and cuddled my cat for the next 5 hours. Then I moved everything into Kyle's room, minus my beloved fat cat, and waited in back in his spot for the final bell to ring. I'd changed into jeans worthy of my boots and an old concert tee. I hadn't noticed I'd fallen asleep until the sound of Kyle's knuckles on the window scared me awake.
His sister had already taken up the passenger side, glaring at me, her bag pressed against her since she was too incompetent to but it between her fat legs or go to the back. I frowned, opening the door, getting out. "I'll walk." Kyle opened his mouth to object but I just patted his shoulder and started walking back towards his house. I couldn't stand his sister on a good day, let alone for the 10 minute to their house. I did however throw my tee at Kyle, smirking. "Or fly."
He blushed and but his bag in the back, starting the car, waiting to see what I'd do. I could feel the scales push out on my cheek bones, my shoulders, down my entire back. Then my wings pushed out, the violet catching the light as they spread, and I rolled my shoulders, making them tremble. I could see Kyle smile in the car as I took off, flying above the Roadrunner on their way home.
It was always harder to let the demon out and control it this way. It wanted to take full control at all times. And if it wasn't for Kyle I probably would have given up years ago and let him run my life.
I landed on their porch just as he rolled into the drive way, arguing with his sister about something. He looked very upset, eyes turning a dark crimson, fangs longer than they should be. She was human. Frail, stupid, idiotic human. She was going to get eaten if she didn't stop being a mewling quim. He yelled something and she stormed out of the car as fast as her fat thighs would take her. I moved out of the way of the door and watched her struggle with the keys, wings folding back into skin as I walked over to Kyle, who was just staring at his steering wheel.
I didn't say anything, I just took her seat, shut the door, and put my hand by his thigh. His breathing was ragged, his knuckles white from being clenched too tight around the leather wheel, eyes filled with an anger I've only seen a few times. She must have been talking shit about us again. His right hand moved, lacing gently with mine, a slow, deep breath leaving him. "I'm going to kill her."
I squeezed his hand, moving closer to him as she got her fat ass in the door, slamming it. He relaxed slightly, leaning against me, eyes back to their beautiful absinthe shade. "Don't waste your energy with her blood. It'd make you sick it's too corrupt." He smiled softly, kissing my cheek, before frowning again. "And there is no way in all of Hades that I am going to eat her. I don't like fatty meat for one and I don't want to get sick from her."
"She called you a pedophile. Because you're so much older than me and it's weird that you're still hanging around. She deserves to be eaten by someone." Something in my chest ripped at the statement.
"Or you could not have her eaten and act like it doesn't effect you and drive her crazy." He huffed, leaning back against his seat, jumping when I turned the ignition back on. "Drive to the woods." He looked at me but obliged, putting the Roadrunner in gear, speeding out of the drive. I stayed close to him the entire drive, knowing exactly what to do to put him in a good mood.
I kept my hand on his thigh, mouth on his ear, jaw, neck. We swerved into the other lane for a moment when I bit his neck lightly. I knew I had him, but little did he know he was going to have me, all of me. "Can you not when I'm driving?" His voice caught, pale cheeks flushing when I gripped his thigh, thumb pressing lightly against him. He was tense under my hands, white knuckling the steering wheel when my hands pushed up shit shirt, teeth and tongue marking his neck. "K-Kirk, god."
He finally hit the brakes a few miles in the woods, turning the car off abruptly, turning to kiss me. His hands tangled in my hair, pulling me closer, lips hungry. I gripped his dark strands, stretching his pale neck, biting it again. He sighed, holding my head closer, pulse jumping on my tongue. I would do anything to feel him melt against me like he was.
I let go of him, tongue moving down to his collar bones, nipping lightly, unbuttoning his shirt. I kissed my way down his chest, twitching with every gasp that left him, finally getting the fabric off him. He tried to kiss me, but I was moving to the backseats, undoing my belt. He stared after me, eyes dark with lust as he crawled after me, undoing his own jeans. I'd gotten down to black boxer briefs when he descended on top of me.
His sweet lips met mine, chest pressing against me, warm despite the weather. His hands were on my sides, mine in his hair, tugging in a way to get any sound out of him. He wiggled out of his jeans, pressing his hips against me, making me gasp. I figured he'd already be hard but god. His lips moved to my neck, fangs scraping against the skin, making me gasp and tremble beneath him. This boy hard started a fire within me that I wasn't used to. It was a reckless heat that grew and trembled, flared and reached every nerve in me, and it was painful but so addictive.
I ran my hands down his back, nails scraping the taunt skin, making his hips bump against me harder. I grabbed his round ass, kneading the flesh, pushing him closer to me. Spreading my legs, I gasped, holding him tight against me. He groaned, hooking his thumbs in the waist band of my briefs, pulling them down as far as he could in the position. I pushed the back of his down, gripping bare ass, thumbs pressing into the muscle. He kissed me again, teeth clashing, tongue swiping my bottom lip.
He didn't normally take control, but I had made him, and he was running with it. Ripping the rest of the fabric off me, he paused, starring down at me. I could imagine how I looked. Wild hair, wide eyes, flushed cheeks, not able to catch my breath. He looked wild, predatory, fangs extending over his bottom lip. I wanted him to dominate me in every sense of the word. I wanted him to bite me. I wanted him drunk off my blood.
I pulled his checkered boxers the rest of the way off, palming his pulsing length, trembling with need for him, needing him in me. Immediately. I gripped his hair again, pulling his lips to mine, biting his bottom lip. He sighed, hands moving down my sides, down my thighs. "God Kirk. You're too handsome." I laughed softly, kissing him again, wrapping my legs around him, feeling him settle tight against me.
"You're the handsome one, Kyle. Always have been." He smiled, kissing me gently, moving his hips against me. We'd done this before, dance around what we wanted to do, but not today. Not right now. I kissed right under his jaw, licking down his neck, biting his shoulder. His arms trembled at my sides, not wanting to hold his body weight anymore, and I didn't blame him. His chest met mine, fangs snagging the skin under my jaw, hands back in my hair.
I clawed lightly down his back, cupping his ass, rolling my hips against him. He gasped softly, staring at me when I reached between our bodies, moving the tip of his length against me. I'd done this enough with myself to not need much prep and he looked scared of hurting me for a brief moment. I kissed those worries away, rolling down against him, moaning with him when he entered me. It didn't burn more than pleasure ripped through my body with a raging force. I had to urge him the rest of the way into me, thighs tight against his sides, nails leaving marks in his plump ass.
My breaths were already ragged and he was still inside me. He kissed me, pulling back slightly, pushing in again. I tugged his head back, moaning softly, leading his mouth to my neck. He kissed the racing pulse, fangs sinking into the vein, making my entire being tremble around and under him. He moaned, lapping at the smoky blood, thrusts getting harder. My back arched against him, moans leaving me with every breath, that toxic fire spreading through me.
My nails raked down his back, squeezing his ass, feeling the muscles twitch with every thrust. He moaned in my ear, low, in a very intoxicating way. "Kyle, fuck Kyle, harder." He bit down again, blood flowing with every quickened beat, hips smacking against me. The only sound around us was our breathing, skin hitting skin, and me moaning his name. His breathes were ragged, 'Oh god' repeatedly leaving his throat, hands gripping my hips.
I nearly screamed when he hit the bundle of nerves inside me, nails darkening to claws, leaving crimson ribbons down his back. He moaned louder than I'd heard in a long time and it made me clench tightly around him, coaxing more screams of pleasure from his lovely throat. He continued the rough pace, biting all over my neck and collar bone, leaving blood all over the both of us.
Fire curled in the pit of my stomach, a more welcome fire, one that I didn't want to let go of. It started as a slow burn, making air harder and harder to get, making everything feel wonderful and new. I kissed him again, tasting my own smoky blood on his tongue, it only spurring me on. I rocked hard against him, biting his lip hard, lapping at his sweet blood. He tensed above me, moaning loud enough to make my ears ring, releasing deep inside of me. The sound alone was enough to push me over the edge.
We lay together, panting, bodies too hot but too spent to move at the moment. My legs were trembling beside him, his thighs twitching, eyes half lidded. The green was more vibrant than ever, and I kissed him, heart leaping in my chest when he kissed back. "I love you." He smiled, kissing me again, pulling out of me.
"I love you, too, Kyle." I smiled back, kissing his cheek, holding him to my chest. We stayed like that for god knows how long. Eventually he sat up, running a hand through his hair, yawning. He looked down at me, eyes widening, a hand covering his mouth. "Let me guess. You got my blood on the baby."
"NO! Well, yea obviously, but your neck looks like fucking ground beef!" I laughed, sitting up, wincing slightly at the soreness in my lower back and legs, touching my neck gently. The muscle was already healing, but there was dry blood caked from my jaw to my shoulder. Guess he ate more than we thought.
"Kyle, I'm fine. Breathe." I kissed him gently, wiggling back into my jeans, stealing his shirt. I crawled back into my seat, opening the glove box, handing him a wet wipe. "You have me all over your stomach and mouth." He blushed brightly and cleaned himself up, stealing another to clean the seats before crawling over into the drivers seat. I kissed him, leaving a darker mark among the light ones on his neck, biting his ear gently. "I love you. We need to do this more often. Against a tree next time."
He squeaked and flailed his hands against the wheel, hiding his face in his hands. "Oh. My. God. Kirk!" I laughed, reaching in the back to toss a jacket at him, kissing his shoulder.
"You know you've thought about it. I mean, we did bangy in the Band Hall after I graduated. And on the barn road. And in th-" He slapped a hand against my mouth, ears burning red, flustered beyond belief. I smirked, licking his hand, making him jerk away. "I'll stop, Jesus."
He sighed, starting the car, blinking at the tiny clock, grabbing his phone hurriedly. We'd been out here for two and a half hours. Woops.

The rest of the week was uneventful. I held Kyle when we slept, stayed in his room until his parents left, went to my classes, and gushed about him to Katey some more. She raved about her new love interest that wasn't an actor over lunch on campus and we went back to town to a date night. Kyle couldn't come, parents came back and she witch complained about me, so he was 'grounded'. I was getting him after the movie and taking him to Katey's dorm. Maybe I'd find a cheap hotel room instead.
As with every Marvel movie, Katey and I went to the premier, jumped around like the fangirl/boy we were, and mourned that the next movie was always a year away. Kyle laughed at us when we took him to Thor 3 his sophomore year when we showed up dressed like Thor and Loki. Lets just say he wasn't laughing when we dropped Katey off.
Leaving the theatre, I turned my phone back on, making sure we were still set on sneaking him out.  He was ahead of schedule and was at a park by his house. Perfect. "Are you even listening to me? God, Kirk, stop cheating on me! It's Marvel night!!"
"I know but it's also boyfriend night. I spent 2 days rewatching every Marvel movie with you. Now we can plan for next years night." I smiled at her, laughing when she punched my arm, easing the truck to the park. That's when things turned.
Someone was at the park with Kyle. I was, at first, not concerned. It was a local teen hot spot. That was until I caught them into my head lights. And I felt a blind rage I thought I'd never feel again. Katey yelled in surprise when I slammed on the brakes, jumping out of the vehicle, not even putting it in park.
The fire within me flared to life, scales ripping through my skin, but I couldn't shift. I was in public. I would kill her if I-..Kyle was crying. His breaths were frantic. His eyes were wide in fear of her. That's all it took for the beast to rip through me with a force that would leave me in pain for the rest of the night. But I didn't care. He needed me. She needed to be GONE!
Kyle looked up and said something, I couldn't hear him, blood was roaring in my ears. He moved out of my way, tripping and falling onto a bench, but I knew he was fine. The thing in front of me, however, started screaming. It only fueled my fire. It needed out before I burned from the inside out. With a trembling roar, I grabbed her, powerful wings launching us into the air.
It's screams were lost to the wind, and I stopped, miles above the park, the air almost too thin to intake. I didn't care. As I saw my golden irises reflected in her eyes, I let the smoke billow up from my throat, hot, a promise that what was coming was much, much worse. I think she tried to say something, but it fell on deaf ears, and I dropped her.
Cobalt flames followed her, engulfing her disgusting form with pulsing fire. I hovered for a moment, watching the flames turn violet and curl away from her, the smell of burnt flesh and hair in my nostrils, quickly covered by my sickly sweet smoke. Then I followed, diving after her, towards the ground. I let her strike the earth, landing gently beside her, stepping on the charred remains of her chest. There was nothing left but ash and violet ambers.
"Are you crazy! What if someone saw you?! Kirk you're so stupid!" It was Katey, from where ever I'd left the truck, ranting at me for being dumb. I didn't turn to her. I turned to Kyle, panting on the ground, staring at the ashes. I walked over to him, lowering my head to his, pressing my scaled snout to his cheek. His hands, shaking with something I hoped wasn't fear of me, wrapped around my neck.
I lowered myself further to the ground, holding him to my indigo chest, wrapping us in my wings. He didn't say anything for awhile, and I didn't push him too. I'd never killed anything in my life besides bugs. He'd never seen me breathe fire either. That's when my body decided it'd had enough abuse and returned to human.
I was trembling against Kyle, muscles screaming with over use, bones aching deep. He just kept hugging my neck. "You are an idiot Kirk..but thank you.." I nodded, or tried to, it was more of my just body still jerking, trying to figure out what to be. Ebony scales still littered my cheek bones and shoulders like freckles, indigo littering my chest, and I assumed my eyes were still gold. The fact that he could still look at me was a miracle.
I just stared at his chest, noticing he was wearing the shirt I got him for our first Christmas, my skin trembling. This was worse than actually becoming a beast. The uncertainty of your body, adrenaline mixing with toxin, telling it to shift, but the muscles too sore to do much. I hated feeling like this. I was weak. Useless. It spiked my anxiety, making me want to claw off the remaining skin, letting the scales take over. I tried to explain it to Kyle, and he tried to understand, but I knew he couldn't. Not fully at least. Lips on mine pulled me out of my thoughts, eyes widening.
"Holy fuck your mouths hot! Did you burn your throat or something, Jesus!" I just blinked up at Kyle, his eyes wide in shock, brows furrowed slightly in confusion. I moved to kiss him again and he shoved me away, laughing. "I need my lips Kirk! You can kiss me when you cool down. God, your burning up." His hands were on my shaking chest, feeling up my neck, stopping right under my jaw.
"I did just spew fire from my stomach. I'll be warm for a few hours." He pouted and I smirked, pulling him closer, more sure of my skin now that he was better. My urge to protect was sated for the moment. I would go to the ends of the earth to see this boys smile.
He frowned, leaving to gather my clothes, tossing them back at me. It took a while to get them on, muscles still uncooperative, but soon we were back in the truck heading towards Katey's dorm. "I didn't burn my throat. It's built for intensive heat." Katey was driving, I was clinging to Kyle, and he was playing with my hair.
"Kirk! Are you just going to ignore what just happened?!" I stared at Katey, trying to be serious, but I ended up laughing.
"I am. Because I have a shit ton of people on my side and I can always plea insanity if anything comes up. No one was out there. I'm not that stupid, regardless of instinct. Dean killed hundreds and Crowley just patted him on the head."
She frowned and went on a rant about how Dean was a demon and had the Mark. I just put my head on Kyle's shoulder, nosing his neck, letting his scent calm me down. It was always a mix of Old Spice and whatever soap he used but it was clean and him and that's all I needed.
He looked at her when we parked and patted my head and she threw her hands in the air. "You two are impossible!" We both just laughed and went into the dorm without her, heading towards the stairs. She continued to rant and rave behind us.
"You should do that more often. Not the killing thing, but using your fire more. It's pretty." I smiled, kissing his cheek, making him swat at me. "It's still too hot! What the hell!"
"Bet it would feel really good wrapped around something." He stopped, blood rushing to his face, and he started flailing his hands. I smirked, waiting for Katey to let us in, taking him to the spare bed.
"No fondue while I'm in the shower! I just washed those sheets!" She slammed the door to the bathroom.
I glanced over at Kyle. "Wanna bangy?"
He blushed and smiled, rolling on top of me, pinning me down. "Hell ya I wanna bangy."
After god knows how long of kissing and rutting against each other, Kyle was in basketball shorts, my shirt, and covered in new hickies. I was barely wearing my jeans, letting some cuts heal, his shirt on the ceiling fan. "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! YOU JUST DID EXCATLY WHAT I SAID NOT TO DO!"
A memory
I was writing this for someone and I've given up. 
Characters are played off of real people. 
If there are any typos, I'm sorry
I believe that the Moon and the Wolf were once in love. So in love that the Sun and the Earth became jealous. Why did the Moon get all of the Wolf's praise? Why should the Wolf be so lucky as to have the Moon? So, they devised a plan.
The Sun found floating rock around the earth and formed it into a cold, desolate place, and trapped the Moon within. She was bound and gagged and can only shine her light on her lover who was thrown down unto Earth.
The Wolf was trapped in an animal. A cainine. He could only gaze up through the thick branches and call out for her. His mournful cry, his pained howl, never reached her ears. Even when he made more of himself, thousands of voices crying out for his one true love, she could not hear.
I sacrifice myself to the Moon. To Selene. From under her light I have found comfort in knowing she is missing her love as much as I. And I bleed unto the ground for the wolf. For Lupine. As he howls, I scream up at the sky for answers. Why does Earth have to be so curel? Why does the Sun have to blind us all.
I am trapped to the ground, gazing up at her light, praying for an end to the monsters within me. No, not for answers as to why they torment me, but for an end. Wether the end be brought upon myself by myself or another. I pray for an end to the torment brought upon my mind nightly. I pray for my lover, who has his demons tearing at him from the inside out. I pray for anyone, who can no longer fight their demons, to find an end to their vicious rein.
I found my answers from the Moon and the Wolf. Even if they are to never meet again, they show their love, with her light, with his cries of agony, they love. I can only hope, with this sacrifice, I can find that love. Not from my lover, I have his heart to hold, but from the Earth and the Sun, those who shun us, those who try to tear us apart. I pray for their demons as well. Maybe they can find peace within themselves and love us for who we are.
Selene and Lupine
I've had this floating around my head for awhile and today just pushed me over the edge, into a ring of tar and fire, and then razor wire and lemon juice.

and no this is not a suicidal anything. im just venting.
Was I ever really good enough or was I just something to pass the time? Cause I just took an hour long shower, cried, got pissed off, contemplated driving over there at 11:00 at fucking night just to get too fucking nervous I would never leave the yard. Now I'm numb again and the only person willing to speak to me just passed out drunk.


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