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It's moments like this when I remember how easy it was to repeatedly fall in love with you. How I hated and loved you as much as you hated me. How I could call on you, no matter if we were friends or an item, and you'd keep me from doing things I wish I never did to you. I wish I was strong enough to tell you I forgive you, that I'm sorry for the years you wasted on me, that I want to be friends again. But then I see you and I panic. I can't breathe and I run off and hide again. I push them all away because of how I treated you and yet you still haunt my dreams when I no longer cross your thoughts, your memories. I just want one last day with you and it will never happen.

I really disliked leaving my bed in the morning. The cherry wood was cold on my feet and it was Tempur-Pedic! Why did I even have to go to public school anymore. “Master Adrian, are you awake yet? The car is waiting for you.”
Sighing I got up and froze like I did every morning before getting dressed. Clothes, check. Hair, check. Shoes, double check. Back pack, check. I left my room dressed and not ready for the day. The maid stayed outside the door and waited for me to leave to straighten up my room. I'd made it hell for her last night. There was paper EVERYWHERE. I hate pre cal and intended to tell Mr. Giles 'my dog destroyed it'. I've never had a dog.
I stole coffee from my mom on the way out the door along with a bagel. She'd only notice if a maid didn't put another one right in front of her. Then she'll think she just drank it and I won't have to go to family therapy for stealing caffeine. That woman was crazy but me and pop loved her anyway.
The drive to school was uneventful but I got there early enough to sneak into the library till the rest of the idiots I hung out with got here. If they decided to show up for first period. The library was empty except for the librarian and her aide. Mrs. Summers was awesome. She let me skip class just to chill out with her. I think she has a thing for me.
Sitting in the very back corner I listened to music and tried to finish my stupid English essay. Crazy woman only gave us a day and last night was not a good night. There was supposed to be this new kid at DJ's Lazer Tag but I couldn't find anyone I hadn't already seen at school. Except for this one kid there has a nice ass. I think I had a class with them actually.
When more kids came in to get books I decided to leave and try to find my 'friends'. Most of them were your typical beach blonde bobble headed slut like Gabby (could not keep her off me at Hank's party last weekend. Skank.) or your typical juiced up GAP boys who couldn't think of anything but sex or weed. The only reason I hung out with them is because, like me, they were rich. It was a social thing.
Football was starting a fight with the basketball team. Idiots. Neither sport was better. Baseball is the all American sport. Our baseball team was undefeated, unlike the football and basketball team combined. And not just because I used to play either.
When the first bell rang I thought about making it to class. It was when Gabby tried to talk to me with her nasty rum breath that I nearly ran to get there before the bell. Sadly, I didn't quite make it. Mr. Giles gave me a detention that I threw away the instant he looked away and slept in the first row.
I slept through History and Chem, Mr. Riti threw a marker at me head, but lunch was weird. The guys could not stop talking about this kid they were gonna beat the snot out of. Apparently he either looked at them funny or at their crotches?  Gay or not I don't know any guy that would look twice at any of them. They were bears.
I got hit with a carrot for not wanting to punch this guy. “What if he was checking you out?” Hank was flinging food everywhere every time he talked. Gross.
“I'd be flattered. I mean, who wouldn't check out this hot bod? Even straight guys take a second glance.” I smirked at his baffled face. I really didn't care who looked at me, any one was bangable if they had a cute face.
“You're one weird mofo Adrian.” He finally shut his mouth to eat. I swear his grandmother would have a heart attack if she saw her only grandson act this way. He was supposed to take over her company if football didn't work out. Granny Holcomb was screwed.
I followed the idiots to Gym, thankfully the last period of the day, and dressed out. It was only when I heard something bang against a locker that I decided to make my way to the far end of the locker room. Hank was kicking something on the ground. What was that, a bag of sticks? Then I heard a gut wrenching crack.
“Stop!” I pulled Hank away from the poor kid and got nasty glares from the team. The kid curled up, hiding his face. Damn, who was he?
“The hell Thompson? You sticking up for fags now?” I glared at him, shaking my head. Damn homophobe.
“If coach catches you in another fight you wont be able to play playoffs. The teams gonna need you if we wanna beat Jasper.” Hank narrowed his eyes at me and leaned closer, grumbing.
“If you want your secret to stay a secret, mind your own business.” With that he stormed off this the rest of his team. This left me and this kid alone. Damn it I know him from somewhere. What the hell's his name?!  “Are you okay?”
“Fine.” It took him a moment to get up, having to use the bench as a brace. Holy hell was this kid covered in cuts and bruises. They covered his arms and ribs, ranging from yellow to dark purple. It took everything I had to hold in the gasp when I saw his neck. There were bruises in the shape of fingers around it. He pulled his shirt on, nearly running out of the locker room.
“I'm not an idiot! I know somethings not okay.” He just ignored me. Jake, Josh, Jim, no it was longer than that. Jackson, Jayson, Jordan! His name was Jordan Clark! I knew I knew him. We'd been in classes together for years. Him and that chick he hangs out with, Kenzie. I wondered if she knew why he has so many bruises as I made my way to the track outside. I knew Coach was going to run us today and if I wanted to beat Jordan to his besty, I needed to finish first.

Shattered Love 2
Yes chapter 2!!! I'm actually working on 8 buuuuut I get sidetracked :)

So we finally get a new perspective! Yes Adrian is actually a nice guy, lazy but nice :)
Twinsies by itachaweasle
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