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carcinoGeneticist [CG] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA]


carcinoGeneticist [CG] ceased trolling twinArmageddons [TA]

 You quickly shut off your husktop. Gog you really didn't want to fight with him right now. Kankri was going somewhere with your dad and you knew if you were alone right now that they'd come home to you being dead.
 You were curled up in a gray blanket when Sollux let himself into your hive. “KK? Where are you?” Sighing, you got off of your comfy pile, blanket wrapped around your shoulders, opening your respiteblock door.
 “Where the fuck else would I be Sollux.” He was there in an instant but not quick enough to see you wipe candy red tears onto your blanket.
 “I know you hate thith quethtion KK, but are you okay?” The worry in his voice made your blood pumper hurt. You shook your head, opening your arms, blanket and all. He frowned, stepping into your blanket, thin arms wrapping around your rips. You whined softly, closing the blanket around the two of you, hiding your face in his chest. He smelt sickly sweet.
 His arms tightened around you, lifting you off the ground slightly so he could carry you back over to your corner, obviously knowing you'd been there previously because of the pile of pillows. You clawed his back the whole time because holy fuck your whole upper body hurt. He sat on the pile, settling you between his long ass legs, your head still on his chest. “Wanna talk about it?”
 You shook your head, thankful his arms left your sides, instead moving loosely around your waist, rubbing small circles into your sweater. “You thure? You're never thith..quiet..” You sighed into his shirt.
 “Look Sollux, if I talk about it, you'll leave. So no. Let's not talk about it. Let's just keep doing what we're doing because holy fuck you're comfortable.” It wasn't a lie. He was comfy as holy fuck. He was warm and comfy and you found yourself blushing at that goddamn scent you couldn't fucking figure out.
 You could feel his chest rise and fall quickly as he laughed at you but he never moved away. “KK, for one, nothing you can thay right now will make me leave and for two, thankth. Haven't been called comfortable before.” You shrug, tightening your arms around his middle, not wanting to look up at him.
 You stayed like that for who knows how long. You laying on him like a total idiot. Him rubbing your back completely unaware of how happy he was making you. That is..until you started purring. “KK..are you fucking purring?”
 You jump up, glaring at him from a good foot away, still avoiding his eyes. “Fuck you. No, I was not fucking purring.”
 “KK, I felt the vibrationth. If you weren't purring then what the hell wath vibrating.” He rose a brow at you.
 “Nothing was fucking vibrating. You are insane.” And fuck you were blushing. You could feel the heat in your cheeks.
 He stared at you for a moment before he burst out into laughter. “Oh my gog KK! Do you have a fucking vibrator?”  
 “WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK SOLLUX!!” You punched him in the chest. Why the fuck would he think that?! “That's fucking nasty Sollux. No, I don't have a goddamn vibrator.” He rubbed where you punched him, his signature shit eating grin on his lips, and fuck you wanted to kiss it away. “I swear to gog Sollux if you don't stop making that fucking face I will punch it off you with my fucking mouth.”
 His grin fell slowly and it gave you time to process what the fuck you just said. “What the fuck KK?” He didn't look mad but he didn't look happy either. You got up and ran from your room before he could get another word in, locking yourself in Kankri's room. “KK! KK whatth going on?”
 You bit your lip, sliding down the furthest wall from the door. Why in the fuck did you say that? And to his fucking face! He'd refuse to be anything with you anymore. Fucking Kankri making you think you had a fucking shot!
 “KK open the door...” You didn't respond or move an inch. “KK theriouthly, I'm not mad okay? Jutht open the door..pleathe..” It took a few more minuets of him begging for you get pull yourself up and open the door. He immediately grabbed your wrists gently, not knowing if you'd done anything again, but being cautious if you had.
 “There. I'm a fucking disgusting excuse of a moirail. You can leave now. I don't fucking care.” Oh but you did care and now he knew it.
 He frowned at you. “KK, I'm not leaving, defiantly not after what you thaid back there. Now, letth go back you your room and talk thith out. Okay?” You nodded. “Good.” He lead you back to your room, sitting back down in the pile, holding you just like before. “Now explain yourthelf.”
 You took a deep breath. “Okay I'm going to make this short and sweet. Yes I was fucking purring. Why? Because you make me fucking happy. More happy than a fucking moirail should. That's why I said the shit about punching you in the mouth with my mouth. Because frankly Sollux..I want to kiss you. I want to kiss you so fucking bad that I tell you to go home just so I don't fuck up and try to. I've been quiet because it was only a matter of fucking time that I fucked up and said something stupid like I did just 10 minuets ago to fuck everything up. I'm fucking flushed for you, you lisping asshat and it hurts every time you go home. It hurts knowing you only want to be fucking pale with me..” You take a breath to continue but he stops you.
 “That wathn't thort KK, but I get it. You don't have to keep ranting.” You look up at him for the first time all day. He's smiling. Not his shit eating grin. An actual, blood pumper melting, genuine smile. “Why didn't you jutht thay tho?”
 Your jaw drops at you stare at him. No. No he fucking did not. He did not just say it wasn't a fucking problem. He did not just agree to being redrom with you. “What?”
 His damn glasses hid his eyes but you could tell he was rolling them. “That you're red for me KK.” His arms pull you up to where your eyes are level. He smirks under you. “Now, what wath that about kithhing?”
 You knew your blush was back but fuck it. Sollux fucking Captor was agreeing to be in a red relationship with you! Nothing else fucking mattered! Wrapping your arms around his neck, you kiss him, you kiss him with everything you're worth. He kisses back readily and you couldn't stop the fucking purring. You felt like you could fucking explode from happiness right now.
 Tilting your head, you deepen the kiss, noticing a new noise in your room. You've heard it all over Sollux's house so you recognized it immediately. You pulled away to concentrate on it. Sollux whined under you but the noise didn't stop. You looked down at him. “Dude are you fucking buzzing? Like a fucking bee?”
 Now it was his turn to blush. A pale yellow coloring his cheeks. “Tho? I buzz, you purr, why doeth it matter?” You laugh softly, shaking your head.
 “It doesn't fuckass. It's just fucking different.” You kiss him again before he can let out some smart-ass comment. His lips were really fucking sweet too. What the fuck was it? His forked tongue rolled along your bottom lip, making you gasps and open your mouth. Fuck you forgot about that. When his tongue ran over yours, you couldn't help the victorious sound erupting from your chest into his mouth. Honey! That's what he tasted and smelt like. Fucking honey. It was so obvious that you felt like slapping yourself for not figuring it out sooner.
 He ignored the sound, hands on your hips, sucking on your tongue. You bit at his, hands tangling in his bed head, moving until you found his horns. The buzzing got louder and you felt warmth spread through your body. You could get used to this.
 He broke the kiss, pressing your foreheads together. You huffed, pulling his glasses off to look into his bi-colored eyes, resting your forehead against his again. “These glasses are so fucking stupid Sollux.”
 He sighed into your shared breath, eyes looking tired, obviously from endless hours of hacking. “I like them tho thhut the fuck up KK.” Then he grinned, rubbing the small patch of skin you sweater refused to cover in this position. Thank gog it was still your back. “Why do you alwayth wear thith thing? Don't you ever get hot?”
 “No fucking shit I get hot. We Vantas' have the warmest body temperatures in the hemospectrum, so yes, I get fucking hot, but I don't care. I love my fucking sweater as much as you love those stupid as fuck glasses of yours. So shut it.”  He shook his head laughing at your ability to turn anything into a rant.
 “Jeguth KK, you're getting ath bad ath your brother.” You glared at him only getting that fucking grin in return. He rubbed your sides, his grin falling slightly, worry clear in his eyes. “Have you been eating?”
 “You're one to fucking talk Sollux. You always forget to fucking eat.” He just stared at you and you knew he wanted a different answer. You looked away from him, not able to look him in the eye then you whispered “No.”.
 He sighed, holding you closer than he ever had before. “KK, do I need to thhove food down your protein thhoot tho I know for a fact that you have food in your thythtem?” Besides the fact that his lisps butchered that sentence you knew he was only worried about you. More than he'd ever let on.
 “Only if you fucking eat too. You're fucking skinnier than me and fucking taller. It's fucking unhealthy Sollux.” He nodded and you moved to stand up, but he caught your wrist, pulling you back down for one more kiss.
 “Now, letth go eat before your family getth back and Kankri lectureth uth on fucking pailing properly.” You found yourself laughing for the first time in weeks. Sollux grinned, bending slightly to kiss your hair before leading you out of the room, never once letting go of your hand. You could really get used to this.
Moirials or Matesprites?
So this is part 2 of my SolKat :3 I have no idea what I'm doing lol so I'm, sorry for errors and their OOC-ness again.
And I wrote this at some point in the night/morning's really rushed and I'm sorry

Homestuck belongs to Andrew Hussie (who is on my shit list, seriously, Mayor??)

ENJOY!! <3                       (im so not putting these in the right category am i??)
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)
 You glare at the object of your affections sitting at your desk. You couldn't believe he was only pale for you. A fucking pale crush! What the actual fuck! You had been flushed for this nooksniffer for awhile now. He'd been the only one to help you through Kankri flipping his shit over that fucking fish dick fucker. He admitted that night he had a pale crush on you. Fucking. Pale.
 He was fixing some shit on your husktop. Some fuckass had sent you a virus and the extra work had pissed him off. Good. Fucker deserved it. “Goddamn KK, who the fuck did you pithh off?” Gog you loved his ridiculous lisp.
 “Like hell if I fucking know. I'm very good at pissing everyone off, thank you very much fuckass.” He just shrugged, typing away a few more codes, the creepy screen finally leaving your husktop. “Did you fucking fix it?”
 “Yeth you athhat. I did. The fact that you couldn't only proveth your terrible hacking thkillth.” You growled softly, watching him push away from the desk, swiveling to look at you behind his dumbass 3-D glasses.
 “Thanks fucker.” He shrugs again only pissing you off more. Why couldn't he feel that same fucking way? It was fucking unfair! “You can leave whenever.” You weren't in the mood to deal with him right now. Yes, he was a fucking amazing moirail, but it hurt too fucking much knowing he was probably redrom for that fish fucks little brother or gog forbid Aradia.
 “Are you okay KK?” You nod, getting up off your floor.
 “Why the fuck wouldn't I be?” He sighs, patting your head before leaving your hive. Gog you hated that he was like a whole foot fucking taller than you. Sighing, you press you ear to your door, listening for any noise. None. Kankri must be asleep. Perfect.
 You pulled of sweater, wincing slightly at how raw the skin on your ribs is, but you try to ignore it. 'Mutant', 'Unwanted'. 'Useless'. These words covered the skin along your ribs and arms, surrounded by deep, jagged cuts and fresh scars. You were slightly surprised at how carried away you got the other night. You'd done this every night for about 2 weeks. No one knew and no one would ever know.  Kankri and dad would lecture you, and no one else would care, but more importantly, you didn't want to worry Sollux.
 You grab your sickle, sharpening it like you do every night. Fucking thing could cut through anything. Biting your lip, you go over every cut and scar, reopening everything. The sting brings a small moan to your lips, but you swallow it, scared of any noise waking Kankri. Staring at yourself, an idea rolls around in your head, and before you can stop yourself, you're carving into the skin above your blood pumper.
 Your husk top pings making you stop halfway through the design. You drop your sickle on your desk, letting your candy red blood stain everything. You will clean it later. You click on Trollian to see your moirial has sent you a message.

twinArmageddons [TA] began trolling carcinoGeneticist [CG]

TA: KK are you 2ure everything ii2 alriight?
TA: geez KK.
TA: calm down.
TA: ii wa2 only worriied.
TA: KK for fuck2 2ake
TA: were moiiraiils a22hole
TA: iit2 my job two fuckiing care
TA: jegu2 KK
TA: what crawled up your a22 and diied?
TA: eheheh
TA: then go two 2leep iidiiot
TA: or do you need me there two hold your a22?
TA: eheheh
TA: ii dont thiink you 2hould 2ay that much KK
TA: 2omeone miight get the wrong iidea
TA: ii can be cariing when ii need to be KK
TA: you fuckiing know that

carcinoGeneticist [CG] ceased trolling twinArmageddons [TA]

 You sigh, wanting nothing more for the hacker to come back over, but you were in no condition for anyone's eyes. Your blood had started drying to your skin and you still weren't done.

 carcinoGeneticist [CG] began trolling twinArmageddons [TA]


carcinoGeneticist [CG] ceased trolling twinArmageddons [TA]

 You log out of Trollian, shutting off your husktop, picking your sickle back up. Taking in a deep breath, you hiss it out, finishing the symbol on your chest, finally pulling the sickle away from your skin. You refuse to stare at the symbol, going about cleaning up the blood around your room, before breaking down and cleaning yourself off.
 You wince every time the cloth in your hand brushes against a new cut but the sting was well welcomed. You hadn't felt anything in so long that the pain was almost pleasurable. Maybe you could find a kismesis to do it for you. “Good luck with that fuckass.”
 There was a soft knock on your door and you freeze. Shit! Kankri woke up! You run to where you dropped your sweater, sliding it back on in a hurry, knowing your cuts would start bleeding again. “Karkat? Is everything alright in there? I heard noise and it peaked my curiosity. Sollux isn't still here is he? I hope not, he might find this triggering.”
 You open the door to stop your brothers ranting. He doesn't look any better than the night everything went down but thank gog he was talking again. You had begun to miss his fucking lectures. Not that you'd ever tell him. Ever. “I'm fucking fine Kankri and why the fuck would Sollux still be here? It's almost morning.”
 He sighs at your language. “He could of stayed over Karkat. It's not uncommon for moirails to stay at each others' hives every once in awhile. I would think you would enjoy his company more than being holed up in your room. That is unless the two of you are having a disagreement. In that case is everything alright? Do you want to talk about anything?”
 You pinch the bridge of your nose, letting him ramble on, that is until he notices how tired you look. “We're not fucking fighting Kankri. He just likes his fucking hive better okay?” You ignore his last question for a moment, pondering if it's worth bringing to his attention. But Kankri had been flushed for Cronus and lost him so maybe he could help. “Actually, yeah, I do want to talk.”
 You leave the door open for him to come into your room while you sit on your bed. Kankri comes in, closing your door softly so your father wont over hear if he was home and awake, and sits next to you. “Are you alright Karkat? I know I haven't made things easy on you these past few weeks. I never thought you'd worry enough about me to know what I was going to do. And for that I am sorry. I know it was very triggering to you and I should not have acted that way. I have to set an example for you as your older brother. What I did was not a reasonable way to handle the situation.”
 You lean against him like you did when you were younger. He doesn't mind,  he just continues telling you how sorry he is and that he will always be there for you. “Kankri..I think I'm flushed for someone..” That shut him up immediately. You take his silence as an opportunity to continue.
 “I can't think straight when they're around. I just want to touch them, hug them or whatever, always. When they leave it's like they're taking a part of me with them. I can't not think about kissing them. I swear to jegus if you tell anyone I will end you.” He nods. “Anyway, they're an amazing person. Even when I don't think I can be, they make me happy as fuck. Like fucking flutter beasts are attacking my insides. My blood pumper freaks the fuck out.” You sigh, burring your face in your brother's giant ass sweater, letting him shoosh pap you. “I don't know what to do Kankri...if I tell them, it will ruin everything we already have established. Plus, I have no idea if they feel the same way and I highly doubt they do.”
 He rubs your side, completely unaware of you biting your lip from pain, tear welling up in your eyes. “Well Karkat..if they really care about you, then what you have established shouldn't change. I'm assuming it's a quadrant?” At your nod, he continues. “Then just tell them how you feel. If they deny you, you still share a quadrant with them. If they don't, then you fill a new quadrant. And if it backfires on you, then I will stay up and watch as many romcoms as it takes to make you feel better. Deal?” You nod again and he kisses the top of your head. “Try and get some sleep Karkat. You can talk to your red crush when night comes.”
Why so fucking pale?!
Welp I have gotten to Act 6 in the wonderful Homestuck and thought to myself, screw it, I'm gonna write SolKat!!
It all started out as a RP but it got really sad and we changed it to a banquet!
Anyway, I'm aware they are very OOC but I had sever fun writing this and intend to do it in parts!
So this is part one. :3
Homestuck belongs to my lord and savior, Andrew Hussie

Also, I'm not very good at remembering all the different terms for Alternian things so if anything is incorrect, I'm so very sorry!!
Please enjoy!!! <3


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You are the Collin to my Ally, even if I'm not even close to 20. 2 is enough.
I know you haven't always made the best decisions and I know your past is bad.
I don't care.
I'm terrified that I can't compare to the other girls.
I'm far skinnier than they are, unhealthily so as you pointed out.
I'm not experienced like they were, but you said I was the most amazing.
I'm scared of getting caught and you saw that first hand.
I've been called a lot of things while you've been gone and it's hard without you beside me.
October can't come soon enough.
I simply miss your voice.
I miss when you'd sing to me, even if it was a lot of the same song lol
When we went to your house before graduation and you sang Temperature by Shaun Paul and were bouncing around (it came on the radio when I was with my mom and I couldn't help but grinning because I just saw you bouncing around, dork)
When I got scared and you held me until I could get over what happened (Tyler helped too)
When we did nothing but talk about what we could be until 3 am on a school night and pay for it during class
When you showed up at Ali's and asked me to be yours
When you took us to rent movies and we didn't watch any of them
When you made us dinner and ended up eating half of mine
But most of all, I just miss you
Your laugh
Your eyes
Your smile
Your strong ass arms
Even your goddamn goatee
I love you ZB and I can't wait till all of this is done.
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