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I believe that the Moon and the Wolf were once in love. So in love that the Sun and the Earth became jealous. Why did the Moon get all of the Wolf's praise? Why should the Wolf be so lucky as to have the Moon? So, they devised a plan.
The Sun found floating rock around the earth and formed it into a cold, desolate place, and trapped the Moon within. She was bound and gagged and can only shine her light on her lover who was thrown down unto Earth.
The Wolf was trapped in an animal. A cainine. He could only gaze up through the thick branches and call out for her. His mournful cry, his pained howl, never reached her ears. Even when he made more of himself, thousands of voices crying out for his one true love, she could not hear.
I sacrifice myself to the Moon. To Selene. From under her light I have found comfort in knowing she is missing her love as much as I. And I bleed unto the ground for the wolf. For Lupine. As he howls, I scream up at the sky for answers. Why does Earth have to be so curel? Why does the Sun have to blind us all.
I am trapped to the ground, gazing up at her light, praying for an end to the monsters within me. No, not for answers as to why they torment me, but for an end. Wether the end be brought upon myself by myself or another. I pray for an end to the torment brought upon my mind nightly. I pray for my lover, who has his demons tearing at him from the inside out. I pray for anyone, who can no longer fight their demons, to find an end to their vicious rein.
I found my answers from the Moon and the Wolf. Even if they are to never meet again, they show their love, with her light, with his cries of agony, they love. I can only hope, with this sacrifice, I can find that love. Not from my lover, I have his heart to hold, but from the Earth and the Sun, those who shun us, those who try to tear us apart. I pray for their demons as well. Maybe they can find peace within themselves and love us for who we are.
Selene and Lupine
I've had this floating around my head for awhile and today just pushed me over the edge, into a ring of tar and fire, and then razor wire and lemon juice.

and no this is not a suicidal anything. im just venting.
Was I ever really good enough or was I just something to pass the time? Cause I just took an hour long shower, cried, got pissed off, contemplated driving over there at 11:00 at fucking night just to get too fucking nervous I would never leave the yard. Now I'm numb again and the only person willing to speak to me just passed out drunk.

“Why haven’t you called the police? I understand he doesn’t want to lose his brother, but being at 17, they might grant him guardianship.” Jordan was going to kill me when he found out but I had to tell someone about his latest ‘injury’. Selene was sitting on my bed, frowning the entire time, but hey, she was studying to be a nurse and gave me tips to cleaning his back so it wouldn’t scar too bad.
“Because he thinks that ‘IT’ will kill him before the cop’s even show up or run. Which, the douche totally would run, but he doesn’t want him to hurt Joseph either. But he can’t know I told you, I was supposed to take it to my grave. I just..needed to tell someone..”
She smiled softly, hugging me tightly to her chest. She was an amazing person and oh my god she smelled like snicker doodles! “’IT’ doesn’t have to know they were called. If we call, IT would never find out, but that’s a decision for him to make I suppose.”
I shrugged, laying my head on her shoulder. “So, other than reveling my besties secret, did you wanna do anything else?”
“Depends on what you mean by ‘anything’.” Her arms tightened around me and heat rose to my cheeks. This was going to be interesting. I’d never slept with a girl before!

~      ~     ~

“W-what happened..?” I tried to keep the shock out of my voice but Jordan stiffened when I touched one of the thick slashes marring his back. He was covered in dark red welts with deep violet bruises. There were 5 slashes down his back, shoulder to hip, like he was whipped. I’d seen kids get beaten up and have a broken jaw or a black eye but never..something this bad.
“N-nothing. Just…cover them again..please Adrian.” His voice shook and he had to stop and take a breath before he could continue. I knew he was crying and it made my heart ache.
I cleaned the cuts as gently as I could, getting bits of dirt out, then patching him up in new bandages. He calmed down again and I hugged him gently from behind. “You don’t have to tell me, but I want to help Jordan.”
He nodded and-.
Shattered Love 10
Yes it is discontinued and no i am not finishing this chapter. I have lost all inspiration for this story, I apologize. 


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