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Was I ever really good enough or was I just something to pass the time? Cause I just took an hour long shower, cried, got pissed off, contemplated driving over there at 11:00 at fucking night just to get too fucking nervous I would never leave the yard. Now I'm numb again and the only person willing to speak to me just passed out drunk.

“Why haven’t you called the police? I understand he doesn’t want to lose his brother, but being at 17, they might grant him guardianship.” Jordan was going to kill me when he found out but I had to tell someone about his latest ‘injury’. Selene was sitting on my bed, frowning the entire time, but hey, she was studying to be a nurse and gave me tips to cleaning his back so it wouldn’t scar too bad.
“Because he thinks that ‘IT’ will kill him before the cop’s even show up or run. Which, the douche totally would run, but he doesn’t want him to hurt Joseph either. But he can’t know I told you, I was supposed to take it to my grave. I just..needed to tell someone..”
She smiled softly, hugging me tightly to her chest. She was an amazing person and oh my god she smelled like snicker doodles! “’IT’ doesn’t have to know they were called. If we call, IT would never find out, but that’s a decision for him to make I suppose.”
I shrugged, laying my head on her shoulder. “So, other than reveling my besties secret, did you wanna do anything else?”
“Depends on what you mean by ‘anything’.” Her arms tightened around me and heat rose to my cheeks. This was going to be interesting. I’d never slept with a girl before!

~      ~     ~

“W-what happened..?” I tried to keep the shock out of my voice but Jordan stiffened when I touched one of the thick slashes marring his back. He was covered in dark red welts with deep violet bruises. There were 5 slashes down his back, shoulder to hip, like he was whipped. I’d seen kids get beaten up and have a broken jaw or a black eye but never..something this bad.
“N-nothing. Just…cover them again..please Adrian.” His voice shook and he had to stop and take a breath before he could continue. I knew he was crying and it made my heart ache.
I cleaned the cuts as gently as I could, getting bits of dirt out, then patching him up in new bandages. He calmed down again and I hugged him gently from behind. “You don’t have to tell me, but I want to help Jordan.”
He nodded and-.
Shattered Love 10
Yes it is discontinued and no i am not finishing this chapter. I have lost all inspiration for this story, I apologize. 

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“You ready?” I pulled away from him, not wanting to scare him off, but wanting to move on.
“Uh..maybe? I-I'm not really sure..” I kissed his forehead. He looked so nervous I thought he’d back out.
“We can take as much time as you need Jordan.” I stayed over him, kissing along his jaw, lying almost on top of him, determined to wait it out.
He closed his eyes, seeming to have a complete conversation with himself, most likely freaking out. It always happens. I did the same thing my freshman year. “O-okay..I'm ready.”
I smiled against his jaw, leaning over him, grinning. He smiles back shyly, crimson dusting his cheeks adorably. I was by far the luckiest teenager in the entire world. And I told him so as I pushed into him slowly.
He tensed under me and I stopped, letting him get used to the head. It was, sadly, the hardest part. He kept taking small, shallow breaths through his nose. I kept kissing all over his cheeks, avoiding his lips in a teasing way. That’s when I felt him roll his hips down, trying to take more of me. I let him go at his own pace, sighing when I was fully seated in him.
“God’re so amazing.” I pulled back slightly, pushing back in slowly. He whined softly, but by the way he moved his hips to meet me, I knew he was enjoying himself. I kept it slow, wanting to keep his gasps and small moans to myself, but I quickly became impatient.
“A-Adrian!” I had moved his legs to over my shoulders, pulling his cheeks apart slightly, rocking in harder. He reached to touch himself and I smacked his hand away. “P-please..I-I need to~.”
“Nope. Can’t have you speed through your first time.” I kissed him, pinning his hands above his head, using my stomach for friction against his member. He rocked back against me, moaning louder than I thought possible, then again, it might have been me and not him. But god he just felt so good.
“I-ah don’t thi-oh-ink I can la-ah-ast much lo-oh-nger!” I just kept pounding into him, lifting up slightly, reaching down to stroke him. He was pulsing around me and I wasn’t going to hold out much longer either.
“F-fuck Jordan~.” I kissed him. I kissed the boy who made me love boys. The boy I never wanted to let go of. They boy with too many scars. I sat up, pulling him to my chest, making him bounce on me.
His back arched deliciously, crying out my name before biting his lip, clinging to me. I just kissed him again, groaning against his mouth when his nails raked down my back, biting his lip gently. He gasped when I hit his bundle of nerves and I took the opportunity to lick his tongue. He still tasted like vodka.
He moaned into my mouth, pulling away to kiss and bite at my neck. It sent shock straight down south. He could tell, obviously, he was bouncing on me hard enough to hurt himself.
I kissed his neck, feeling the coil in my stomach tighten, white hot heat spreading through me. “Jordan!” I pulled his hips flush against mine, feeling myself release in him.  He moaned out something I couldn’t make out and covered my chest and his groddy bandages.
He fell back against the bed, panting hard, making me fall out of him. I lay beside him, taking his hand, kissing his bruised knuckles. He needed to change those and I was going to figure out what in the world happened. “You okay?”
He nodded, rolling into my chest, hugging me tightly. “Y-yeah..that was a-awesome!” I laughed softly, holding him close. “Okay..ew I’m gross.” He was picking at the bandages.
“I have more of those if you want to change them out.” He tensed up and looked away from me. It must be more than just the kids at school beating him up. “Or you can do it yourself. But if it’s a bad cut, you’re gonna need some help.”
He sighed, sitting up on his elbow, staring down at me. He looked so conflicted and it hurt to see him so upset. So I kissed him. I don’t know how to comfort people without it being physical. I was going to have to learn. “Yeah. I’m going to need help…just..don’t say anything about it. Okay?”
I nodded and he got up uneasily, pulling on my shorts from earlier. I helped him the best I could, practically carrying him to the bathroom, pulling on boxers on the way. I got out my first aid kit, making him sit on the edge of the tub. He’d already started to undo them so I just waited. But god I was not prepared for what I saw.
Shattered Love 9
SEXY TIME!!! and what's this?? POV change???! And whats wrong with Jordan?? Do you remember?


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